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One common misconception of transcription is that anyone can do it. Sure, most people would, but can they do it fast enough and accurately? The answer is no. In most cases, DIYing transcription would cost you more than getting professionals to help.

Let’s examine why transcription outsourcing is more advantageous than doing it in-house. 

What is Transcription Outsourcing? 

Transcription outsourcing involves hiring external professionals to convert your business audio and video files into written text. Instead of doing it in-house, you contract a specialized service such as Transcribers Digest to provide transcription services. 

If you are looking for speed and accuracy in your projects, try to outsource transcription to a reputable company.

Benefits of Outsourcing Transcription

Here’s what you stand to gain with transcription outsourcing.

1. Save Money

When transcribing in-house, hiring an additional employee becomes necessary. This brings along added expenses like overhead costs, taxes, salaries, and a compensation package.

However, outsourcing removes these financial burdens. You won’t need to allocate budgets for software costs or additional salaries. It’s a straightforward approach that ensures transcription expenses are cost-effective.

2. Save Your Time

Doing transcription In-house also means spending a lot of time on training and management to make sure the quality is right.

But when you outsource, you get quick, accurate transcripts. You also don’t have to worry about managing the work or the transcriptionists.

3. Better Quality Assurance

Most transcription companies have a quality assurance process in place. For instance, at Transcribers Digest, each transcript goes through two layers of reviews to guarantee 99% accuracy. Contrarily, quality assurance may be more difficult in-house due to a lack of resources. 

4. A Wider Pool of Expertise

Outsourcing to a transcription company gives you access to a team of expert transcriptionists. Such a team can handle projects professionally and at scale. They can also accommodate your formatting and customization needs, no matter how complex. This is better than relying on one or two in-house team members, especially for long projects.

5. More Flexibility

Lastly, outsourcing offers you a lot of flexibility. Most transcription companies, Transcribers Digest included, provide pay-as-you-go plans. For instance, paying per minute of audio hour ensures you only pay for the services you use. This flexibility is better than fixed commitments and potential inefficiencies associated with maintaining an in-house team.

Outsource Your Transcription Needs to Transcribers Digest

Transcribers Digest offers both general transcription and legal transcription services. What’s more, our expert team of transcriptionists can handle all your customization and formatting needs. 

Upload your project today to get started.  

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