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To provide high-quality transcription services by capturing every detail of the recording to our clients.

Our transcription rates are always charged per audio minute. Audio minutes refer to the length of the audio file you send me. This way, you can more reliably calculate your costs upfront, without having to worry about how long a project will take us.

Level 1

USD 2/min

USD 1.5/min

USD 1/min

Level 2

USD 2.50/min

USD 2/min

USD 1.5/min

Level 3

USD 3/min

USD 2.5/min

USD 2/min

* Conversion rates are based on yearly average USD exchange rates.

** Time coding will be charged at Level 3 rates.

Difficulty Levels

The level of difficulty for an audio file is based on the legibility of the audio and the number of speakers. The legibility can be affected by many factors including background noise, accents, volume, crosstalk between the speakers, and other problems with the file.

  • Level 1: 1-2 speakers, no background noise, accents, or faint speakers.
  • Level 2: 3-4 or moderate background noise, moderate accents, some unintelligible speech.
  • Level 3: 5+ speakers, focus groups, high background noise, difficult accents, lots of crosstalk and unintelligible speech.

Turnaround time

For the 1-day service, expect a 24-hour turnaround time. This means if audio files are submitted at 5:00 pm today, the client will receive completed transcripts at 5:00 pm the next day.